Repairs almost anything!

Q-Bond® is a high quality adhesive and repair solution, containing both a top of the range glue which can be used as a stand alone adhesive or it can be paired with the reinforcing powder for more serious repairs.


This unique fast curing two-part system can be used to repair cracks, holes and other damage to a wide range of materials. These repairs can be ground, filed, sanded and painted.

Product Features:

  • Quick bonding ultra strong adhesive

  • Filling and reinforcing powders

  • Heat resistant 365°F / 180°C

  • Petrol / Oil resistant

  • The black powder be used to repair:

    • Radiators

    • Grills

    • Hand Tools

    • Fairings

  • The grey powder can be used to repair:

    • Tappet Covers

    • Office Machines

    • Casings

    • Oil Leaks

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