Ultra Strong Adhesive and Filling Powders

Q-Bond® is a high quality adhesive and repair solution, containing both a top of the range glue which can be used as a stand alone adhesive or it can be paired with the reinforcing powder for more serious repairs.


Water Pump Pliers

Available in three different sizes, these represent the latest innovation in water pump pliers. They automatically adjust to the required size with one hand.


Locking Pliers

High quality locking pliers available in 11 different variations for different jobs.


Locking Clamps

High quality locking clamps available in 6 different variations for different jobs.


Ratcheting Brake Spanner/Wrench

Ingenious ratcheting system perfect for difficult to turn nuts.


Last Chance Extractor

10 Piece Rounded Fastener Extractor Set

New ‘last chance’ extractor inserts for wrenches and sockets.

Damaged Fastener Extractor Bits

7 Piece Set

Impact Socket Set
For Damaged Wheel Nuts

3 Piece Set

Ratcheting Locking Plier

A self-adjusting, ratcheting, locking plier that features a dual-pivot design to increase gripping power and a parallel jaw that will allow the tool to lock and ratchet on just about any bolt.

Technician Grade Pipe Socket

Introducing the new Technician Grade Pipe Socket set, this product has been designed to an incredibly high standard with the technician in mind, its uses span multiple markets where top of the range quality reliable tools are used.